Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, you will know that reusable coffee mugs and bottles have swamped social media, the London Underground and work desks around the world.

21 Must-Have Health Foods for 2019

It can be difficult to know the best foods to eat for optimal health when there are so many to choose from.

Don't fret. We have composed this list to make that decision easier. Handy cooking tips, tastebud tantalising recipes and the best cooking tools on the market are to follow.

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Christmas parties are always a success when the right people are invited, but making it feel like a special occasion can certainly feel like a lot of pressure.

Here at Mahahome, we love to imagine how our products might get used and we have come up with some ideas to make sure you get the perfect Christmas party.

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Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or lover of gourmet teas, your first brew of the day should be something to savour. But in reality, most of us don’t have time to grind our own coffee and blend our own teas before running to catch the 08:12 to London Victoria.

So, good planning and great accessories are an essential part of the day.

There are many advantages to buying your homewares online rather than going to physical stores and these advantages extend beyond simple price.

Since our homeware stores are all located in London we have created to offer these products nationwide and internationally. This can allow anyone to take advantage of some of the best designer homeware products and tools at prices that really do save you time and money.

When investing in top quality homeware brands like Luminarc, you can realise significant savings when buying online from us.

The Luminarc brand is particularly well thought of because the products have been designed to pass the most stringent of tests - that of everyday use! Luminarc have invested a lot of time ensuring that their products are tempered where possible to ensure that they are more resilient to bangs, dings and even drops. This can result in their items being two to three times stronger than many competitors.

So what does that get you?

Discovering a homeware sale is always great if you are looking to refresh your dining experience on a budget.

At Mahahome we have a wide range of elegant and beautifully realised products that can be available at impossibly low prices. For you, however, it could mean the opportunity to find that brand you always wanted to invest in but couldn’t quite justify in terms of price.

Just how much of an effect do beautifully designed pots and pans have on a kitchen?

The answer is: a considerable effect. If you have a kitchen to be proud of (or even if you don’t), the sort of homewares you are using could be the tipping point in your impression of it.

If you live in an area where you’d rather filter the water, or you simply like to drink water that’s fresher and cleaner, then there’s no better brand than BRITA.

BRITA are well established in the water filtration industry and have been supplying household filtration solutions for the better part of fifty years. They are the go-to people for British families across the land, a trusted brand to provide cleaner drinking water than you may get from a tap. The breadth of BRITA’s range is deceptively large and they have every size of water filtration jug in many different colours along with the necessary cartridges.

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of a particular drink or food item, there is no better brand than Thermos.

The term Thermos has become a genericised word throughout much of the world for an object that might be referred to as a vacuum or Dewar flask.

The brand Tefal is not commonly associated with value homeware but at Mahahome you get such a fantastic price that you might wonder how we’ve done it.

Like many other people at this time of year, you may well be thinking of losing the winter flab and getting yourself fit.

And, whilst plenty of regular exercise in the fresh spring air will no doubt help you to achieve this, it is not the only thing which will affect your waste line.

Indeed, what you eat plays a major part in how fit you are; so, if you’re looking to improve your overall level of fitness, you will need to throw away your takeaway menus and get your kitchen equipped and ready to cook up plenty of healthy, nutritious meals.

So, what exactly do you need to achieve this?