View our great deals on STV rat poison, rat traps and insecticide

Mahahome brings you the best UK deals on STV pest products, including their world-class rat poison, rat traps and incesticide. With Mahahome’s range of STV products, you’ll never be bothered by pests again.

Keep your house pest-free with STV’s rat removal range

If your house sees unwelcome guests such as rogue rats or other rodents, STV rat traps and rat poison are what you need. Catch pests humanely or otherwise with STV’s wide range of traps and poisons for rats and mice.

Keep pests away for good with STV’s rat and pest repellent range at Mahahome

Pests will stay away from your house altogether if you simply use STV’s range of advanced pest repellers. Mahahome offers these pest repellers at the lowest prices in the UK, and if you find them cheaper, we guarantee to match it.

Stay safe from insects with STV insecticide and insect repellent products

STV’s insecticides, electric insect killers, wasp killers, moth killers and moth balls will make sure your house is free of airborne pests as well as rodents. Mahahome offers an extensive range of STV insect repellent products.

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STV Self Set Multi-Catch Mouse Trap, Large
STV Cedarwood Refresher Spray
STV Moth Killer Spray, 300ml
STV Demi Cloths Moth Killer Refills, Pack of 2
STV Cedarwood Moth Balls, Pack of 24
Zero In Home Flea Spray, 300ml
STV Triple Action Bin Protector

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STV Rat Glue Traps, Twin Pack
STV Cedarwood Moth Repeller Rings, Pack of 10

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STV Fly And Wasp Killer, 300ml
STV Ant and Insect Powder, 200g
The Buzz Household Pest Glue Traps, Pack of 4
STV Loose Mouse Trap
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Select up to 4 items to compare.