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View our great range of Thermos food flasks, travel mugs and cups

Thermos is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Their name is synonymous with warm beverages and travelling. We are proud to offer Thermos products at the best prices in the UK right here at Mahahome.

Thermos uses the best heat-keeping technology to make drinks last longer

Thermos products are designed to offer safe, convenient storage for transporting drinks and foodstuff in resilient, clean containers. We offer sports bottles, large capacity drinks coolers, lunch bags, carafes and much more. A Thermos mug is ideal for the workplace, as it will keep your drink hot or cold so you can enjoy it over a longer period if you’re busy, while a Thermos food flask is great for taking food of any temperature with you wherever you go, such as the workplace, hiking, on a picnic or for long drives.

122 products