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At Mahahome, we have a huge selection of plastic food storage containers to suit all budgets. As one of the leading Whitefurze stockists, we can help you find the perfect products for your home and budget, no matter what you’re looking for. We have items ideal for all areas of the home, from food storers and cutlery trays to watering cans and planters, all of the same high quality that Whitefurze customers have come to expect.

Plastic food storage containers in all sizes, for all budgets

Whitefurze is dedicated to creating products which offer high-quality performance and style, covering a broad range of household necessities, ranging from goods for the kitchen and garden, to pet bowls. Whitefurze products are available at incredible low rates, so whether you need just one garden planter or a whole set of clear plastic boxes, you’ll be able to enjoy great products at great prices!

Having equipment you can trust around the home is important, and Whitefurze’s range of products offer high reliability and practicality again and again. We can ensure that great satisfaction at competitive prices. Whatever you need from Whitefurze - storage boxes, plant pots, mixing bowls or mop buckets – we have one of the biggest and best homeware sale ranges online.

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Whitefurze Round Venetian Planter, 33cm, Forest Green

Out of stock

Whitefurze Milano Round Planter, 60cm, Black
Whitefurze Milano Planter, 60cm, Terracotta
Whitefurze Milano Trough, 60cm, Forrest Green
Whitefurze Round Bell Planter, 30cm, Forest Green
Whitefurze Flexible Tub, 26L, Black
Whitefurze Flexible Tub, 26L, Blue
Whitefurze Flexible Tub, 26L, Red
Whitefurze Flexible Tub, 39L, Black
Whitefurze Flexible Tub, 39L, Blue
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 0.1L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 0.3L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 0.75L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 0.5L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 1L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 2.2L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 0.2L
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 1.7L
Whitefurze Bucket With Lid, 14L, Green
Whitefurze Dish Drainer, Black, Large
Whitefurze Dish Drainer, Cream
Whitefurze Deluxe Mop Bucket, 15 Litres, Cream

Out of stock

Whitefurze Milano Round Saucer, 40cm, Grey
Whitefurze Allstore Storage Box, 2.3L
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Select up to 4 items to compare.