Egg Poachers

Poached eggs couldn't be easier to cook, especially when using an egg poacher! Poaching is also a great low-calorie way to prepare eggs. There is no need to add any fat, as you would with fried or scrambled eggs, and they make a tasty yet simple breakfast dish all on their own, with maybe just a little shake of salt and pepper.A family favourite is to serve poached eggs on top of hot buttered toast, but by using an egg poacher you get a neat and pretty looking dome that looks wonderful when perched on top of a French salad Lyonnaise, or mouthwateringly good when bathed in a creamy Hollandaise sauce in an Eggs Benedict dish. If you are watching your weight, then there is nothing more delicious and healthy than serving poached eggs over freshly sauted greens.

Poached egg pans

Egg poaching pans cook by generating steam from the simmering pan of hot water below. The eggs are gently cooked by the steam being captured and held in by the lid. It is advisable to keep all the egg cups in place even when you are only cooking one egg. This way the water cannot splash onto your egg as only the steam is let through the vents in the holder.

Our selection of poached egg makers

At Mahahome, we have an amazing selection of egg poachers to suit all budgets and family sizes, from 1 cup egg poachers for singles, to 2 cup pans for couples, and 4 cup family poachers, and all at excellent value for money prices.

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