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Mahahome isn't just about the house. We may be known for our houseware, but we also offer a fantastic range of cheap deals on high-quality travel products, accessories and sport and leisure goods.

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Wherever you're going and whatever you need, Mahahome has the travel items you are looking for. With travel accessories for men and women, and suitcases and bags of all sizes to suit your luggage needs, Mahahome can truly make your holiday a smooth and pleasant experience. And with all the money you'll be saving, you can indulge a bit more too.

Relax and have fun with Mahahome's great range of sports and leisure goods

Whether you're off camping, cycling or knitting a new scarf by the fire, Mahahome's travel and leisure collection will make the experience more joyful for you and your wallet. Our great prices make relaxation easier and more rewarding than ever.

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Campingaz Powerbox Plus Cooler, 36L, Grey

Out of stock

Thermos Ultimate MKII Series Flask, 900 ml, Charcoal
Metlatex Shopping Trolley, 48L, Aloe
Thermos Ultimate MKII Series Flask, 500ml, Charcoal

Out of stock

Thermos, Thermocafe Cooler Bag, 30L, Blue
Metaltex Krokus Shopping Trolley Grey 50L
Union J 'Boyz' Beach Towel

Out of stock

Bodum Travel Mug, 0.35L (12oz), Gun Metal
Bodum Travel Mug, 0.35L (12oz), Copper
Bodum Travel Mug, 0.35L (12oz), Gold
Black+Blum Eau Good Duo Water Bottle, Red, 700ml
Black+Blum Eau Good Duo Water Bottle, Lime, 700ml
Thermos Stainless Steel King Flask, 470ml, Gun Metal
ThermoCafe Flat Top Stainless Steel Flask, 1 Litre
WoodWay Eco Bamboo Fiber Cup, 500ml, Dandelions Blue
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Select up to 4 items to compare.