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Pyrex measuring jugs, dishes, bowls, plates & more

Mahahome stocks one of the biggest Pyrex collection in the UK. You can find measuring jugs, dishes, bowls, plates and more from this leading household brand here. Pyrex products are some of the most widely-recognised kitchen icons of the modern home. With their iconic borosilicate glass, bowls, Baking Dishes / Cookware & pioneering kitchen designs. Pyrex products come in a wealth of colours and styles with the most popular being the original clear glass jugs and Essentials collection.

Choose Pyrex for quality home cooking

Pyrex dishes and bowls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes them suitable for any purpose - they can be used to cook, prepare or serve - and with the addition of specialist casserole bowls and selected roaster dishes the choice is incredibly diverse.

Most Pyrex dishes are designed using oven-suitable glass but they’re also available in ceramic forms, being great roasters and making all the difference when trying to create the perfect meal, and with such a tried and tested brand you can be certain of obtaining fantastic results every single time.

Shop the Pyrex sale with Mahahome

With Mahahome, you can choose Pyrex dishes, plates, glassware and bowls in a range of different colours at discounted prices. The popular, brightly-coloured range features on our website with gorgeous rectangular roasters, ramekins and more, in a rich aquamarine shade. We also stock a large selection of the best Pyrex skillets and frying pans , roasting pans, bowls and classic glassware that are suitable for both baking and freezing, making them a firm favourite with fans of home cooking. Our range of Pyrex products provides exceptional value for money, so view the entire Pyrex home cooking range online now for quality yet cheap homeware.

Pyrex® is a trademark of Corning Incorporated used under license by International Cookware.

217 products